Are you ready to experience the magic that happens when you’re finally able to synchronize your public image with your true core values?

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Attention: This Course is ONLY for you if you are willing to:

From the desk of Cindy Yantis
Los Angeles, California, USA

Dear Friends (old and new),

Does any of this sound familiar?

You feel:

Then you’re in the right place! I’m Cindy Yantis and I’ve achieved opportunities, successes and joy like I’ve never known!

My Solution: A Personal Brand!

I bet you’re wondering:

A Personal Brand? What is a Personal Brand, and how will it help me launch my own business or climb the corporate ladder in my current career?

A Personal Brand is what you are putting out to the world. It’s the magic that happens when you align your public brand (what people see) with your core values (which only YOU really know).

The 3 basic elements of a strong Personal Brand include the values that drive your brand, the stand-out qualities that make you different from others in your field and your marketability. And your Platform is when you put all that knowledge into a blueprint that helps guide your life and career, and presents you to a way that is ONLY yours.

Your Personal Brand is like putting your stamp on everything you do. It is your most valuable asset because it encompasses your intangible qualities and makes them tangible, marketable and valuable. And your platform is your launching pad, roadmap and touchstone rolled into one.

What does a personal brand do for you?

It gives you:

Maybe you’re thinking you’ve tried this before – that I’m just putting a catchy name on something you’ve been working on for months, if not years. And maybe you’re thinking that you’ve tried everything. You’ve considered switching careers, but just don’t want to take the risk. You’ve thought about striking out on your own, but you aren’t sure that’s the right thing to do. You’ve dreamed about combining your adventurous spirit with your corporate shark appeal, but tried it on a project and your boss hated it.

Don’t give up yet. I’ve been where you are – maybe not in the exact same situation, but I can guarantee it was a similar mindset – and I know how to move on, to travel the road to a glorious finish. I’ve developed a step-by-step formula, a veritable GPS roadmap on your trip to fulfillment, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Remember how I said on the video I was living a double life? Well, that’s because I was never able to be myself, 100 percent. I was working as a high-powered corporate ad sales VP during the day, and moonlighting as a creative type nights and weekends. The two just didn’t go together.

I was always concerned that the “artist” brand might damage the credibility of the “business” brand, and vice versa.

But, following the steps I’ve turned into a five-week course, I built my own magical & powerful Personal Brand that’s more authentic and true than I’ve ever been.

Talk about transformative!

It’s not your fault you haven’t experienced the breakthroughs you’ve been striving for. Corporate climates don’t always encourage adventure or creativity, and creative climates don’t always encourage intrepid entrepreneurship. But whichever two worlds you’re living in – you can combine them! You just need a system for doing it right!

My system will give you:

It is Absolutely Imperative that you learn all the steps for creating and then marketing your Personal Brand. Finding your Personal Brand is finding yourself, clarifying your desires and writing directions to the place you want to go.

What if the same SIMPLE PLAN that I used could help you make the same breakthroughs I did, in your own career?

I want to share all the steps I painstakingly learned in order to get to this place where everything is clicking and running on high energy. . . and these very same steps work whether you want to leave your job for another, step up your current game, start a new gig or completely reinvent yourself.

>>> 5 Steps to Your Magic Brand "Almost Live" E-Class Series <<<

“Cindy has worked closely with me over several months in building a blueprint for a new career after 20+ years in Corporate America. During a difficult transition, I took her teleseminar series & she effused joy in the process of self discovery which has helped me embrace and pursue my dream job in the performing arts. Armed with a new mindset, I am enjoying this exciting and fulfilling chapter in my life and look forward to continuing to work with Cindy to ensure that I remain true to my authentic self. As a result of my renewed brand & mindset, I quickly booked two big commercials!"”

Ferrell Marshall, Voice-over Artist & Actress

“I had a fantastic experience taking Cindy Yantis's Magic Brand Platform class and coaching with her. Before I was intimidated about putting together copy for my website and writing my own bio! But now I have so much material to work with and really have a bigger perspective of my background and what I bring to the party. All from getting insightful step by step instruction and then doing the work. Cindy's sparkling personality and clear teaching made it an enjoyable process as well. I highly recommend this work to entrepreneurs or job seekers who want to communicate who they are and their value to get maximum results.”

Cori Cooperider, Film Production Veteran

“I took Cindy's Magic Brand teleclass and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their career or transition into a new one.
Cindy is very knowledgeable and her coaching style is warm, enthusiastic and fun. She gives step by step instructions on how to analyze your special talents, core values and key areas of expertise to formulate and implement a strategy to obtain your goals in a creative, fresh way.”

Laura Skaife, Senior Account Executive

“The Magic Brand course was not only interesting, thought provoking and affirming but it was also a lot of fun! Cindy did a fantastic job of selecting guest speakers whose ideas and suggestions were relevant and helpful. After 12 years as a housewife, this course was exactly what I needed to help build my confidence and prepare me for a return to the workforce. Cindy's approach to this course was specific, thorough and personal. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for employment, a career change or just needs a boost in their own self confidence. You will know who you are at the end of the five weeks.”

Nancy Flink, Marketing Executive

I've taught this as a 5-step teleseminar series twice now, and am now excited to bring it to you as an easy-to-follow email series (which is why I call it "almost live").  It's guaranteed to help you and your career, no matter where you are at today. Whether you want to climb the ladder (to the highest rung!) in your current profession, or you want to strike out on your own once and for all, my step-by-step system for creating a Personal Brand will get you to your destination.

Here’s a taste of what you will get when you sign on for this groundbreaking program:

Step # 1: You, Meet You
Before you can really be the star of a brand, you must first know what’s important in your own story that will illuminate you, your brand and your career.


Step # 2: Brand Values Behind the Wheel – Your Foundation
Core Values are what drive you, your career and your brand.  Aligning with those values will make your path more specific and successful than ever before.  This ONE IMPORTANT STEP is worth the price of admission all by itself.  They are the lens you look through when you make ALL your decisions.  The right opportunities will present themselves when you live by this lens.  You won’t believe how eye opening it is.


Step # 3: Your Own SWOT Team
In this session we’ll get into some nitty gritty behind the nuts & bolts of your brand identity.  SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  A good SWOT Analysis is an important component of all great brands.  Once you’re clear on your brand (and your own) strengths and weaknesses you will match them against the market opportunities and threats so that you can best capitalize and monetize your brand, in and out of your current environment.


Step # 4: Putting it All Together
Today more than ever YOU can truly take control of how you’re presented to the world, and then take that to get to decide exactly the kind of career you want. Now, you’re ready to put together the logistics of your brand platform and you’ll be provided Plug & Play Templates to make it easy.


Step # 5: What’s Your Image
How you present YOURSELF and your brand will either enhance your Brand or cut it off at the cuffs or hemline!


“I have had the very good fortune to have worked with Cindy Yantis as a Career Architect and Branding expert as well! No matter what size audience, 1:1, a dozen or a few hundred, one of Cindy痴 innate gifts is her ability to draw you in - even within a large group setting, it feels as if she is speaking just to you. Her wonderful mixture of humor and expertise coupled with the wealth of information she provides, makes her a complete joy to work with. I have learned so much from her that could fill notebooks (and it has)! I highly recommend, that if you get the opportunity to work with her, snatch it up before Oprah finds her then we値l all have to wait 6 months to get appointment!”

Kelly Lloyd, Sassy Actress

Now you’re probably wondering how I’m going to:

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

I have designed this roadmap to provide you with the precise directions you need to get from where you are today to EXACTLY where you want to be. I will give you the guidance you want, the information you need to stop feeling frustrated and stuck, and start feeling inspired and valuable.
Here’s how we’re going to do it, together:

  1. Five info-packed, recorded tele-coaching sessions with me. These 45-60 minute sessions will be instructive and fun, and will include my great guests.
  2. One BONUS Content Call.  Networking Expert Liz Lynch joins me to share her helpful networking and visibility tips.
  3. MP3 audio recordings in your email. Download these right from your computer to your iPod or MP3 player, to listen anytime again and again.
  4. Complete PDF workbooks with exercises & templates.  There's nothing like a quiz from time to time to reinforce your learning.  You'll get these with each session in your email with the MP3 Recordings.
  5. A Magic Brand Forum Online Community.  This member-only networking site will be an invaluable part of your learning experience.  There’s strength in numbers and the support and help you’ll get here will help you forge relationships that could be on going long after the course is over.
  6. Special BONUS MP3's. You'll have access to at least three bonus interviews that will provide you with invaluable information to enhance your brand.  Consider me your personal branding coach!


When you register for *Your Magic Brand* you’ll receive your Step #1-5 sessions within a week so you can begin right away!  You’ll also be sent your Magic Brand Forum registration info.  I encourage you to sign on, complete your profile and start networking with other members.  You never know where your next opportunity or partnership is going to come from!

So, here’s a quick summary of what you can expect when you register for Your Magic Brand*: image


Wondering What All Of This Could Possibly Cost?

To do all of this work in a one-on-one scenario it would cost more than 20 times what I’m OFFERING YOU. Career Architects, Career Coaches and Life Coaches can charge thousands of dollars for a 5-session contract (plus the 4 extra downloads you’re getting!). It’s simply THAT valuable. But, as I said before, I want to shout this from the mountaintops to as many people as possible (did I mention that one of my CORE VALUES is Empowering Others?)

So I’m inviting you to participate in *Your Magic Brand* for my special email course price of just $77.  That’s less than $20 per week and you’re getting the 4 BONUS MP3 Downloads and the Online Forum as ADDED VALUE.  People paid $297 for the live 5-step teleseminar series.  You're getting EVERYTHING they got, almost live, for half the price!

Consider the cost of this priceless information an investment in your future happiness and fulfillment.
Think of it this way: you’re paying $20 per class. Each call is between 45-60 minutes long. So you are paying about $20 per hour to retain the services of an experienced, qualified Career Architect – whereas many business and career consultants charge more than ten times that – plus, you’re getting four bonus calls!

Isn’t it worth $77 to you to spend 5 weeks honing the tools essential to paving your own way to the happiness and fulfillment you crave? To me, this really is a priceless opportunity.

You’d probably spend $77 on a great pair of shoes or a dinner out. But when you’re working in a career you love, meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself, you can’t help but make the kind of money that will buy 10 great pairs of shoes and 10 fabulous dinners out. That’s what true fulfillment does for you.

So you’ve really got nothing to lose – except an excellent opportunity for life-changing information and great savings.

Won’t you give yourself the chance to reinvent the image you’re putting out to the world, and to make it one that heralds your best qualities and most important values?

It IS possible and well within your reach to create and build the career and life you love … and *Your Magic Brand* will put you on that path with a powerful brand platform that is yours and yours alone.

So, are you ready to go??

Brilliant! Then click on the secure order link below, so we can get you set up in the course right away!

  Yes! I’m ready to catapult my career by building a Magical Brand Platform.  Please register me for your new program, Five Steps to Building Your Personal Brand, Your Magic Brand.

I understand with my investment, I’ll receive the following:

  • 5 tele-coaching MP3's in my email as well as the special BONUS Networking MP3
  • At lease 3 BONUS MP3's on the Forum
  • Downloadable MP3 recordings
  • Complete PDF workbooks with weekly exercises & templates
  • A Magic Brand Forum Online Membership

Sign up for only $77


You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

And, if you don’t already receive it, when you register I will gift you with a subscription to my monthly ezine, Everyday Gems.

So, are you ready to GO? Let’s take that quantum leap together!

To Your Success



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Cindy Yantis is a Career Architect who helps people build careers they love.
She coaches, speaks and writes on leadership, personal branding and how to own-the-room.



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